Elevating Food Quality and Nutrition

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Discover how Royal Food Industries is dedicated to elevating food quality, safety, and nutrition through our diverse range of services. From post-harvest management technologies to innovative superfoods and expert quality assurance, we’re committed to making a meaningful impact on the way we grow, process, and enjoy food.
Elevating Food Quality and Nutrition

What We Offer

We’re committed to enhancing food quality, safety, and sustainability, while also developing innovative superfoods for a healthier future. Explore our comprehensive offerings that address every aspect of the food supply chain.

post-harvest management technologies

  • These are practices and applications used to preserve the quality and extend the shelf-life of agricultural products after they have been harvested. They help to reduce losses, improve food safety, and make food more accessible to consumers.
  • We use modified/controlled atmosphere storage technology that involves controlling the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen in the storage environment. This can help to extend the shelf life of many fruits and vegetables.
  • We also use modified atmosphere packaging to help protect agricultural produce from physical damage, moisture loss, and pests and diseases.
  • We process agricultural produce into forms that are easily digestible and allow maximum absorption of nutrients by the body thereby improving the quality and accessibility to adequate food nutrition.


Formulation and development of novelty/specialty foods

We produce top quality superfoods which are of great value to the nutritionally-vulnerable populations in the society.

They include nutritious instant porridge flours children & adults in dire need of convenient balanced diet meals which require little preparation time and are resource limited.


Food quality assurance & consultancy services

  • These services range from food safety management systems, FSSC 22000, HACCP plans (hazard analysis and critical control points), SME plant/factory operational manuals, food quality manuals, standard operating procedure manuals, sanitation standard operating procedures, etc.
  • We offer food safety training for SMEs.
  • We consult on the set-up of food processing plants/factories.
  • Furthermore, we also offer food safety management system audits amongst other related services.
  • Pricing depends on the workload requested.
  • For instance, we develop HACCP plans for small and medium enterprises (SME) in the food industry: food processing centers, catering places, cafeterias, restaurants, and related food business platforms.

Under HACCP plan:

  1. Food safety policy and scope.
  2. Product descriptions.
  3. Standard process flow diagrams.
  4. Hazard analysis with compliance to standards.
  5. Identification of PRPs, OPRPs, and CCPs with reliable and realistic rationales.
  6. Completed HACCP plan.
  7. Proposed controls and monitoring measures.
  8. Standard operational procedures.

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